Dark Place…

So, lets get back on the anger and resentment issues (in elderly care), because for me this is the challenging part to handle. My grandmother the last few days, doesn’t  wanted to do anything by her self and has made our lives living hell!! She doesn’t want to get out of bed, she doesn’t wanted […]

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Inspirational video…

Two years ago, I herd a talk in “TEDx” by “Amy O’Rourke” which is an advocator for the elderly and their families. It really helped me, and it made some great points, that opened my eyes and heart. It also gave, great advice about elderly care. I loved it, and thought to my self, that […]

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Quality of Life..

  Keeping elderly loved ones engaged and happy, it is a demanding and tiring job. Here are some articles, informations and questions that you may find useful and interesting for elderly care. Enjoy!!! 🙂 First, see some questions, that you can ask your grandparents, so as to keep their mind alert… ….. Keeping Elderly Parents […]

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Caregivers Survival Kit

In all the previous post, I have expressed, how demanding  and agonizing it is, to care for an elderly person and especially a loved one. But I haven’t talked about how caregivers can get through a situation like this. The very needed, “Survival Kit” of caregivers!! First tip, and most important don’t lose your calm and […]

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Finding The “Perfect” Woman

Caring for an elderly family members, it is a very painful and demanding job- process. My mother and I, tried to do it, by our selfs but failed dramatically. We used to loose our nerves very often, we cried-yelled, and quite honestly loosing our self, day by day, night by night…. So we decided to find a […]

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The Schedule…

As promised in the previous post, I will discuss in detail, the schedule that my grandmother follows, so as not to be bedridden(because it is a demanding job to care for elderly family members). We try to have a steady schedule, because we believe, stability is the key for a person that suffers from dementia. Elderly care, is […]

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The Consequences…

Elderly care: When my grandmother came back from the hospital, she need it a lot of help. We didn’t know what to do, should we take care of her, should we hire a women to help us-her, or should we put her in a narcing home?? The questions were a lot, and the confusion we […]

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So, how did everything start?

Five years ago my life changed. So at the beginning of this story, my grandmother was a vibrant and energetic woman, that took care of the entire family; her grandkids, her kids, and their spouses. She cooked, she washed, she cleaned, she drove and played cards. She was the life of the “party”. I was […]

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