The Schedule…

As promised in the previous post, I will discuss in detail, the schedule that my grandmother follows, so as not to be bedridden(because it is a demanding job to care for elderly family members). We try to have a steady schedule, because we believe, stability is the key for a person that suffers from dementia. Elderly care, is good for the “karma”.

The schedule goes as:

We wake her up at eight a.m. in the morning, and we visit the bathroom together. Then we go at the kitchen and prepare her breakfast together, meaning; we give her a kiwi to cleanse(so as to stool easier), then me or my mother, make her a glass of milk with chocolate or honey. After that, we give her to smeared two toast with honey and sesame paste. Then we give my grandmother her pills. After her pills, around 10.30, she visits the bathroom again to stool. At 11.30 we take her for a walk around the neighborhood, this takes about one to one and a half hour. Afterwards, we return home, we give her her lunch and we put her to bed, around 2 o’clock.

We wake her up, from her nap at 5 o’clock, we change her dipper, and go in the living room. We give her a fruit to clean and eat. Afterwards, we play cards with her, so as her brain to stay alert. Then, we watch some television. Afterwards, at 9 o’clock we give her something to eat, and give her, her pills. Then, we watch some television again, and around 10.30 we put her in bed.  The next morning, again the same routine, and again the same, and the same and the same….

It is a very painful and tiring process. Can you imagine, having a person like that living with you?? If you have, you must know that patience is your best friend. If you loose your nerves you will loose the game! It is very easy to loose it because it is your loved one, that can’t function like a “normal” person, and you can’t really grasp it, and get over the situation. I have yelled and cried, screamed and again cried, it is difficult, and you really need to learn how to hold all the frustration inside….

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