Finding The “Perfect” Woman


Caring for an elderly family members, it is a very painful and demanding job- process. My mother and I, tried to do it, by our selfs but failed dramatically. We used to loose our nerves very often, we cried-yelled, and quite honestly loosing our self, day by day, night by night….

So we decided to find a woman that could help us with her(elderly care). So now other problems and issues begin…

What about the woman… How can you know, which person is capable enough, to take care of your loved one? How to know who you pout in your home? How to be sure, that the person is of trust, and won’t plunder all your staff? We had a lot of questions, that we couldn’t find answers to. So we tried lot of different women, but never really found some one, that was exactly what we “wanted” or “needed”. We had to learn that no one will ever be good enough to take care of my grandmother so we had to learn to be a bit more flexible with what we were asking from them.

First, I will discuss some of the issues we faced with the selection of the caregiver. The main issue we faced at the beginning that we were inexperience,  was that some of the women thought that they will come in a house that the only thing that they needed to do was to cook and fead her, and then pout her in front of a television and leave her there to sleep all day and all night, but as I mention in the previous post, my grandmother has a schedule that mast be uphold, because we don’t want her to become bedridden. So it was difficult, we changed a lot of women until we found some one that was “good” enough.

We found a woman from Bulgaria, that was compassionate and wanted to truly help us.  But, after three years she needed to return back to her country, because her mother was sick, and left us again in search for a woman (we actually, still haven’t found a woman, but we are looking) . So yes, you will have a difficult time finding someone that you like and measures to your expectations, but you should never stop looking and compromise, for something less…

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