Dark Place…


So, lets get back on the anger and resentment issues (in elderly care), because for me this is the challenging part to handle. My grandmother the last few days, doesn’t  wanted to do anything by her self and has made our lives living hell!! She doesn’t want to get out of bed, she doesn’t wanted to take her medicine, she doesn’t want to eat her food and drink her water, she has become very difficult to handle, and above all that, we can’t find a woman to help us out. So, we have to do everything by our selfs(my mother and I)!

The thing is, that because she doesn’t want to do anything, I can’t keep myself, and shout to her(because she has to do, some staff by herself, or else she is going to become bedridden, and we really don’t want that!). After, a lot of shouting, she eventually do what she is supposed to, meaning taking her medication and eating her food(by her self). Don’t imagine that we expect a lot of things, just the basic. But, after all the shouting I feel really terrible and guilty, because is not her falt, that she can’t function. The problem is all mine, I have to accept the situation and live her be… But I really don’t know how, not to care about her circumstances, I can’t let her be!! She is too important!! I couldn’t live with my self if I ever abandon her…But, I also can’t live in a situation like this!! I am just 23 years old, and my walk of life, is changing my grandmothers dirty diapers.

 So….Here are some articles that kind of help me, when I am at a “dark place” inside my mind. 

Dark Place:


Managing Caregiver Stress Infographic:


2 thoughts on “Dark Place…

  1. Unfortunately, it is really painful seeing your loved ones in this situation. And it is even worse when you feel that you can’t do anything to make them feel better, and be the same person they were. It is not only stressful living with the constant anxiety that something worse might happen to them, or that their well-being depends on you, but it’s also depressing and saddening.
    Very inspiring article however, keep up with the good work. Be patient and everything will be fine.

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